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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Subject:best of my 08 movie viewing
Time:12:09 am.
top 10 08:
the dark knight: 4/4
slumdog millionaire: 4/4
wall-e: 4/4
the wrestler: 3.5/4
iron man: 3.5/4
forgetting sarah marshall: 3.5/4
young @ heart: 3.5/4
gran torino: 3.5/4
milk: 3.5/4
the counterfeiters: 3.5/4

mongol: 3.5/4

top 10 previous:
the shawshank redemption: 4/4
the departed: 4/4
the iron giant: 4/4
planet of the apes (1968): 3.5/4
vertigo: 3.5/4
there will be blood: 3.5/4
inside man: 3.5/4
videodrome: 3.5/4
the king of kong: 3.5/4
persona: 3.5/4

eastern promises: 3.5/4
the elephant man: 3.5/4
knocked up: 3.5/4
the sandlot: 3.5/4
letters from imo jima: 3.5/4
saints and soldiers: 3.5/4
12 monkeys: 3.5/4
the host: 3.5/4
the orphanage: 3.5/4

#1 film championed by me:
death race: 3/4

bottom 5 overall:
alien vs predator: requiem: 1/4
moscow zero: 1/4
dan in real life: 1.5/4
fatal contact: 2/4
leprechaun: 2/4

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Subject:ed's end of the year movie corner
Time:10:22 pm.
the counterfeiters: 3.5/4
gran torino: 3.5/4
slumdog millionaire: 4/4
milk: 3.5/4
the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe: 3/4

happy 09/fin
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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Subject:ed's EPIC movie corner
Time:11:51 am.
a nightmare on elm st (rewatch): 3.5/4
a nightmare on elm st: dream warriors (rewatch): 3/4
time bandits: 3/4
pineapple express: 2.5/4
hellboy 2: the golden army: 3/4
freddy vs jason (rewatch): 2/4
the 5th element (rewatch): 2.5/4
harold and kumar: escape from guantanamo bay: 2.5/4
the dark knight: 4/4
jurassic park (rewatch): 3/4
the elephant man: 3.5/4
rogue: 3/4
anacondas (rewatch): 2.5/4
nick and norah's infinite playlist (friends and family screening cut): 2.5/4
12 monkeys: 3.5/4
time cop: 2/4
death race: 3/4
(to be filled in later)................................
doomsday: 2.5/4
natural born killers: 3/4
tropic thunder: 3/4
I am legend (rewatch): 3/4
the dick tracy show (disk 1): 3/4
behind the mask (rewatch) 3/4
the crow (rewatch): 3/4
club dread (director's cut - rewatch): 2.5/4
teenage mutant ninja turtles (rewatch): 3/4
hamlet 2: 2.5/4
30 days of night: 2.5/4
butch cassidy and the sundance kid (rewatch): 3/4
mission impossible 3: 3/4
burn after reading: 3/4
sleepy hollow (rewatch): 3/4
forgetting sarah marshall: 3.5/4
iron man (rewatch): 3.5/4
candyman (rewatch): 3/4
jack frost (rewatch): 2.5/4
re-animator (rewatch): 3.5/4
army of darkness (rewatch): 3/4
persona: 3.5/4
max payne: 2/4
pride and glory: 3/4
box elder: 3/4
child's play 3 (rewatch): 2.5/4
halloween (rewatch): 3/4
registered sex offender: 2.5/4
madagascar: 3/4
halloween 6: the curse of michael myers: 3/4
saw 4: 2.5/4
predator (rewatch): 3.5/4
videodrome: 3.5/4
alien vs predator: requiem: 1/4
dr. strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb: 3/4
gattaca (rewatch): 4/4
ice age (rewatch): 3/4
the edge: 3/4
zack and miri make a porno: 3/4
they shoot horses, don't they?: 3/4
dead alive (rewatch): 3/4
look both ways: 3/4
mad max: 3/4
oldboy (rewatch): 4/4
saints and soldiers: 3.5/4
Indiana Jones 4: 2.5/4
the forbidden kingdom: 2.5/4
iron man (rewatch.... again): 3.5/4
mongol: 3.5/4
patlabor 3: WXIII (rewatch): 2.5/4
step brothers: 2.5/4
ice age 2: 2.5/4
trancers 3: 2.5/4
the triplets of belleville: 3/4
the dark knight (rewatch.... again): 4/4
wanted: 3/4
westworld: 3/4
the iron giant: 4/4
I'm a cyborg, but that's ok: 2.5/4
the midnight meat train: 3/4
wishmaster: 2/4
the day the earth stood still (1951): 3/4
vertigo: 3.5/4
tremors 4: 2.5/4
the wrestler: 3.5/4
stir of echoes (rewatch) : 2.5/4
in the name of the king: a dungeon siege tale: 2/4
moscow zero: 1/4

----year end updates coming soon/fin
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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Subject:just another batch of movies
Time:1:28 pm.
true romance: 3/4
creepshow: 2.5/4
fatal contact: 2/4
waxwork (rewatch): 3/4
sexy beast (rewatch): 3.5/4
the dark knight: 4/4
wall-e: 4/4
young @ heart: 3.5/4
the incredible hulk: 3/4
the fall: 3/4
the bank job: 3/4
planet of the apes (1968): 3.5/4
the dentist: 2.5/4
deep rising (rewatch): 3/4
the naked gun 33 1/3: the final insult (rewatch): 3/4
the abyss (director's cut): 2.5/4
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Time:3:43 pm.
dark city (rewatch): 3.5/4
kids: 3/4
first blood: 3/4
the gods must be crazy: 2.5/4
rambo 2: 2/4
rambo 3: 2.5/4
dead silence: 2/4
inside man: 3.5/4
irreversible: 2/4
o brother, where art thou: 3/4
fido: 3/4
black book: 3/4
pet sematary: 3/4
leprechaun: 2/4
tremors: 2.5/4
cloverfield: 2.5/4
there will be blood: 3.5/4
a history of violence: 2.5/4
walk hard (rewatch): 3/4
alien (rewatch): 4/4
aliens (rewatch): 4/4
iron man: 3.5/4
sling blade (rewatch): 3/4
judge dredd: 3/4
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Monday, March 17th, 2008

Subject:ed's epic movie corner (plus new music needs)
Time:4:45 pm.
evangelion (series - rewatch): 4/4
end of evangelion (dub - rewatch): 3.5/4
.... air: 3/4
.... my purest heart for you: 4/4
the orphanage: 3.5/4
team america (rewatch): 3/4
he was a quiet man: 2.5/4
knocked up: 3.5/4
the host: 3.5/4
the southerner: 3/4
baby daze (short on 'the southerner' dvd): 3/4
the king of kong: 3.5/4
letters from imo jima: 3.5/4
battlestar galactica (mini series): 3.5/4
be kind, rewind: 3/4
captain n and the new super mario world (disk 1): 3/4
the sandlot: 3.5/4
broken arrow: 3/4
halloween (1978): 3/4
reno 911! miami: 2.5/4
in bruges: 3/4
the lawnmower man: 3/4
little big league: 3/4
dan in real life: 1.5/4
the boondock saints (rewatch): 3.5/4

1. 'Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven' by godspeed you black emperor!**
2. the fall of math by 65days of static**
3. 'Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn' by do make say think
4. 'ambient 1....' by brian eno**
5. 'how strange, innocence' by explosions in the sky
6. 'if that is what is being thought....' by te'
7. 'When I Live by the Garden and the Sea....' (ep) eluvium**
8. 'american don' by don caberallo**

9. 'Plague Soundscapes' by the locust
10. 'altered states of america' by Agoraphobic Nosebleed**
11. 'document 8' by pg 99
12. 'imaginary soundscapes' by sigh**
13. death cult armageddon' by dimmu borgir

14. 'godamnit (redux)' by alkaline trio**
15. 'break out the battle tapes' by wired all wrong
16. 'domestica' by cursive**
17. 'phantom moon' by dunkan shiek**
18. 'let go' by nada surf
19. 'unknown pleasures' by joy division**
20. 'lonesome crowded west' by modest mouse**
21. 'tracy chapman' by tracy chapman
22. 'protokoll' (ep) by protokoll**
23. 'babylon springs' (ep) by the mountain goats
24. 'pizza' (ep) by horse the band

** = most wanted
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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Subject:ed's movie corner + i miss the earthworm jim cartoon
Time:11:59 pm.
the game (re-watch): 4/4
the departed: 4/4
red doors: 2.5/4
educated (a short film on the 'red doors' dvd): 2.5/4
rush hour 3: 2/4
the spongebob squarepants movie: 2.5/4
eastern promises: 3.5/4

so, 08 is starting off pretty well. already got 3 '4' star films after only having 1 in 07. granted, one is a film ive seen before, but it's probably been 5 years since i last saw 'the game,' maybe a little longer. i barely remembered anything except the ending.

and yeah, i miss the earthworm jim cartoon. put that shit on dvd.

so, 07 came and went for the wii

games i sold:
zelda: twilight princess
sonic and the secret rings
rayman raving rabbids

to be honest, i only beat rayman. sonic lacked polish so i couldnt figure out what else to do and elebits was more or less a one trick pony. they were all very launch title/launch window games.
as for zelda, it's just hard for me to get into those types of games anymore. games that will take 30+ focused hours of game-play (focused meaning i have to keep track of plot and characters and all that). plus, i guess i never really got over the fact it was a gamecube game dressed up with wii controls and made a launch title.

games i got:
mario galaxy
trauma center: second opinion
super paper mario
power pros baseball

ive actually picked up the gamer vibe a little after losing most of my interest.... again. i still keep up with games a bit, after all, i did grow up with them, but the urge to play all the time is long gone. i am a casual gamer, haha. so yeah, i've been playing galaxy again and hoping to pick off super paper mario and trauma center after that. i plan to not get other game till im gone with those 3.

games on the horizon (or out):
zak and wiki
no more heroes
guitar hero III
mario strikers charged
battalion wars 2

super smash bros: brawl
worms: a space oddity
sega superstars tennis
tna impact
de blob (tba 08)
guitar hero IV (tba 08)
rock band (tba)
mario party 9 (tba 08/09)
mario kart (tba 08)
wii fit (tba 08)
wii love golf (tba 08)
animal crossing (tba 08/09)
pikmin (tba 08/09)

only, maybe f-zero and star fox in 08/09. maybe new paper mario and zelda in 09.

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Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Subject:ed's movie corner:
Time:8:12 pm.
breathless (1960): 3/4
hard boiled: 3/4
smokin aces: 3/4
garden state: 2.5/4
the shawshank redemption: 4/4
princess mononoke (rewatch): 3.5/4
hatchet: 2.5/4

also, a retro review of a film that i saw a great while ago but i guess didn't review:
slither: 3/4

----i think that's it/fin
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Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Subject:more nerd stuff
Time:1:16 pm.
I just compared the specs of the wii and original xbox for the first time. Now, I'm not a tech expert, but it seems to me like the specs for both systems are virtually identical. Meaning, essentially, that the wii's max potential (in terms of graphics and size) is the same as the max potential for the original xbox (and about 1.5x the potential of the gamecube). Now, this isn't really new news. It's been well documented that the wii will never have games with the size and scope of the xbox 360 or ps3. I bring this up really for one reason.... price.

Compared to the launch price points of the xbox 360 and ps3, the $250 wii seemed like a steal. Now, the original xbox launched for $300 back in 2001. By march 29, 2004, that price was reduced (for the final time) to $150. Now, it can be argued that this was an aggressive tactic by microsoft and the system was a reasonable bargain back in 2004. However, if microsoft pointed to that price point a year or 2 down the line, it suddenly wouldn't seem as appetizing.

Fast forward to nov 2006. Here comes the wii, shinny and new, with all the strength of 2001's xbox (albeit with some nifty new motion control features). It comes with a new wii mote ($40), a nunchuck ($20), and wii sports (essentially a $20 extended demo). Those come packaged with a system that probably costs about $100 to produce with those same motion control features that have yet to live up to their potential (at this point, it's hard to tell if that's the fault of nintendo and their technology or the developers). And then there are the games. Are we really being charged $50 for games that probably cost a fraction of the price to develop on the wii as they do on the xbox 360 or ps3? Things get even uglier if you're looking for quality games for your wii.

On gamerankings.com, here's how it breaks down (as of today):

out of the top 200 xbox 360 games (with at least 5 reviews), 128 average a score of 75% or higher, 78 average a score of 80% or higher.

out of the 101 listed ps3 games (with at least 5 reviews), 53 average a score of 75% or higher, 35 average a score of 80% or higher

out of the 141 listed wii games (with at least 5 reviews), 27 average a score of 75% or higher, 13 average a score of 80% or higher.

Some people might see these numbers as not meaning much. After all, even if a game averages below a 75, there will still be those who feel it deserves better.... that's why it's an average. However, on the whole, let's just say that all the averages hold up to be accurate representations of each games quality. The wii has 14 games that, on the whole, have been deemed pretty solid games. Then there are another 13 games that could be touted as highly recommended. However, this really doesn't leave much to choose from for gamers who like to stock an ample supply of software.

out of those top 13 games:
1 (trauma center) is a "wii make"
1 (resident evil 4) is a port of a 2.5 year old gamecube game
1 (geometry wars: galaxies) is more or less an expansion of a xbox live arcade game that comes equipped with a $40 price tag
2 (zelda and super paper mario) don't take advantage of the wii because they were originally in development for the gamecube
4 (mlb power pros, madden 07, guitar hero III, and lego star wars) are all either straight or relatively straight ports of ps2 games (the ps2, it should be noted, being noticeably less powerful then the wii).

And there you have it, left with only 4 truly quality games that actually make use of what the wii has to offer. That's down right ugly for a system that continues to sell for $50 more then it should with games that should never break the $40 price point.

Too be fair, the wii is still only 14 months old and it's been selling like crazy since day one. Who knows, maybe the sales figures will convince developers to take their time and craft even more quality games for the wii.... Maybe games that are more then just ports of recent and past ps2 games.... Maybe games that are more then just lame spin offs to popular franchises and jumbled "party game" disasters.... then again, maybe not.

At least there's super smash bros. brawl....

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Subject:year 07
Time:12:03 pm.
ed's best of 07 movie corner:

this will only consist of the 3.5 and 4 star films I saw this year. re-watched films will be excluded unless my initial viewing of the film took place this year.... except for blade runner since it's been so long since i last saw it and it was a different cut that was released limited in theaters.

07 releases:
no country for old men: 3.5/4
juno: 3.5/4
before the devil knows you're dead: 3.5/4
the simpsons movie: 3.5/4
superbad: 3.5/4
ratatouille: 3.5/4
paprika: 3.5/4

previous releases:
pan's labyrinth: 3.5/4
drugstore cowboy: 3.5/4
blade runner (the final cut): 3.5/4
red: 3.5/4
blue velvet: 3.5/4
bleu: 3.5/4
all about my mother: 3.5/4
the laughing club of india (short doc): 3.5/4
paris, texas: 4/4
the thin blue line (doc): 3.5/4
dancing outlaw (short doc): 3.5/4
in the mood for love: 3.5/4
sex, lies, and videotape: 3.5/4
sexy beast: 3.5/4
stranger than paradise: 3.5/4
children of men: 3.5/4 stars
sick girl: 3.5/4 stars
place promised in our early days: 3.5/4 stars

now, in order, my favorite viewings of 07:

1. paris, texas
2. no country for old men
3. red
4. juno
5. superbad
6. in the mood for love
7. dancing outlaw
8. blade runner
9. sick girl
10. before the devil knows you're dead

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Monday, December 31st, 2007

Subject:end of the year
Time:6:28 pm.
ed's final 07 movie corner:

charlie wilson's war: 3/4
i am legend: 3/4
silent night, deadly night: 2.5/4
death proof: 2.5/4

movies im waiting for in early 08 (some of which have already been released):

there will be blood
aliens vs predator: requiem
sweeney todd

also, im not too sure about 'cloverfield,' and im fearing the worst for 'in the name of the king,' but who knows, maybe i'll catch them.
i may even catch 'enchanted....' if im in the mood for that sort of thing.

----coming soon, ed's 07 recap/fin
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Monday, December 24th, 2007

Subject:merry christmas (soon)
Time:6:56 pm.
the more i read roger ebert, the more i love him for caring so much about movies and being so big hearted. at the same time, his reviews are so inflated that ive pretty much lost respect for his sense of taste. oh well, at least he's having a blast.

ed's movie corner:

gremlins: 3/4
walk hard: 2.5/4
tekkon kinkreet: 2.5/4

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Monday, December 17th, 2007

Subject:more from the movie corner:
Time:7:19 pm.
no country for old men: 3.5/4
juno: 3.5/4
the savages: 3/4
the pagemaster: 3/4
stay: 2.5/4
highlander: 2/4
arctic tail: 2.5/4
the gravedancers: 2.5/4
pan's labyrinth: 3.5/4
from beyond: 3/4

home in newton for the next 2 and a half weeks.

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Subject:i dont know but i been told....
Time:8:47 pm.
i return to MA 3 weeks from thursday. the stay will last 3 weeks and then back here for the foreseeable future.

ed's movie corner:

drugstore cowboy: 3.5/4
swamp thing (1982): 2/4
hard candy: 3/4
lars and the real girl: 3/4
100 feet (first screening cut..... ie: not a review of the final product): 1.5/4
friday: 3/4
battle royale: 3/4
before the devil knows you're dead: 3.5/4
grizzly man: 3/4
time: 3/4

movies to look forward to in theaters (at least for me):

no country for old men (in theaters)
mr magorium's wonder emporium (in theaters.... a mandate pictures production)
saw 4 (in theaters)
30 days of night (in theaters.... also a mandate pictures production)
michael clayton (in theaters)
gone back gone (in theaters)
lust, caution (limited release)
control (finishing its limited run)
the mist (this friday)
the savages (late november)
juno (early december.... another mandate pictures production)

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Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Subject:ed's movie corner
Time:11:18 am.
stranger than fiction: 3/4
the darjeeling limited: 3/4
samaritan girl: 2.5/4
repo man: 2.5/4
blade runner (the final cut): 3.5/4
linda, linda, linda: 3/4
planet terror (first half of 'grindhouse'): 3/4
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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Subject:how are wii doing?
Time:4:25 pm.
2 months since my origanal post, and roughly 2 months to go until christmas.... how are my predictions holding up?

what i said:
1. madden 08- 83%
2. metroid 3- 93%
3. tiger woods 08- 76%
4. dewy's adventure- 72%
5. dk barrel blast- 74%

gamerankings (to date):
1. madden 08- 78% (25 reviews)
2. metroid 3- 91% (48 reviews)
3. tiger woods 08- 74% (22 reviews)
4. dewy's adventure- 65% (13 reviews)
5. dk barrel blast- 48% (12 reviews)

not so bad except for dk. i said i thought it would be awful if any other company except the big N made it. wrong on that one i guess.

so, as nintendo makes it's claim for the worst game for game system of all time, i'll continue to post every once and a while.

aside from the two games i own (super paper mario, truma center), the only released games i dig (out of the 80+ that have been released for the wii) are super mario strikers and mlb power pros.

uggggg. well, at least the rest of the fall has some potential.
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Friday, September 14th, 2007

Subject:la la land
Time:11:19 pm.
did Scott Glosserman really reply to my review of behind the mask? that's pretty cool. if you happen to catch this post, well, hey.


so on to newer business, i am in LA. most of my posting lately can be found on my myspace but there's always a little bit of love for this here journal. the internship has been going alright. reading a bunch of really solid scripts and doing other standard intern stuff (copying, faxing, phones, etc). it's just kinda dull when im not working. i still have yet to get a part time job or lock down a more long term living situation. im currently holding up with my mom's colleague and her husband in long beach. they're good people but it's a bit of a hike to my work and i dont know anyone around here my age. hopefully things will turn themselves around in the near future though. i am trying to make little contacts here and there. i really want to pa on a set of some sort. just to work and get the practice. oh, and making more contacts wouldnt hurt either. so scott, if you're in the area and need a reliable set of extra hands, im your man.

ed's movie corner:
not much new to post here as i havent really had much time to just relax and watch many flix, but here's a few for ya.

the secret: basically the film is about the secret to success that all great men and women through time have utilized. essentially, it's nothing more then you have to believe that something is possible and really set your mind to it in order to achieve it. there's a little more to it then that but that's the quick and dirty. either-way, the movie presents the idea in a rather approachable manner but does go a bit over the top at times. also, it feels like it should be limited to a 60 minute spot on the discovery channel rather then a 90 minute movie. ed rates it: 2.5/4

white: the third and final chapter in the french 'red, white, and blue' trilogy (it's actually the 2nd film in the series but the final film for me). while not as compelling as the other two chapters, it's still a fairly engrossing movie. a man finds himself sexually frustrated and alone after being divorced by his wife in a rather humiliating fashion. after a series of unusual events, he finds himself back in his homeland of poland, working feverishly to bring new meaning to his life. a solid film to round out an excellent trilogy. ed rates it: 3/4

friday the 13th part VI: one of the few good films in the series, trust me, ive seen all of them. it's a bit sillier then what people might expect. there are a few in-jokes that poke fun at the slasher genre. but the blood is there as is the high buddy count. it aint art, but it's a fun time waster and the 2nd best film in the series (just behind 'jason goes to hell' and slightly better then 'jason takes manhattan' and the original 'friday the 13th....' the other 6 films are all pretty much crap). ed rates it: 2.5/4

and due to the comment posted (possibly) by the real scott glosserman, here's a more in-depth review of behind the mask.

behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon: so the film starts off in the typical horror fashion. we see a restaurant. it's a dark night. a young waitress exits the back door but keeps it propped. she hears a noise. becomes somewhat concerned. then BAM, the door shuts behind her. the film has a very polished look during this scene. the images are sharp and the camera locked down. however, despite the tried and true beginning, 'behind the mask' is much more then your typical horror flick.
cut to three young film students. 2 guys and a girl (a la 'the blair witch project....' excellent film). they have their decent sound and camera equipment which become our eyes and ears over the bulk of the film. enter leslie vernon. honestly he must be the most unlikely slasher of all time.... but that's the charm of it. nathan baesel, who plays vernon is a blast to watch. he's just so energetic and likable.
the whole story behind leslie is he's supposed to be the next big slasher king (behind the likes of jason voorhees, freddy krueger, and mike myers). the film crew follows him around in order to learn the tricks of the trade. like friday the 13th part VI, there are some in-jokes to be found (there's one especially funny segment in which leslie complains about the amount of cardio required to be a serial killer).
nice touches include the casting of robert englund (fred krueger himself.... who by the way also appears in the supposedly awesome 'hatchet') and a brief cameo by kane hodder (jason voorhees in friday the 13ths 6-10).
if there's a complaint to be made about the film, it's that the final 30 minutes (where the films takes a 180 and becomes a polished horror flick in full effect) feels a little rushed. just a couple extra minutes of padding would have been nice in there. still, a fun film all around. ed rates it: 3/4

----more soon/fin
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Friday, August 24th, 2007

Subject:wave goodbye
Time:10:27 am.
first, ed's movie corner:

sunshine: 3/4
behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon: 3/4

second, this is it.

tomorrow, i leave for LA. it's weird to think of the people im leaving. known matt and brendan since 7th grade, eugene and jackie since 9th, wei wei since 10th, jeremy since 11th, and all the other people who i keep thin contact with can be found somewhere in between. on top of that, there are all my college buddies who i may or may not cross paths with again.

it feels a lot like the beginning sophomore year to me (at the moment). i wont be completely alone in LA (ross, jean, matt, and mike waters live out there with john and ryan short to possibly make their way over in the winter). so there is a little something familiar there, but i wont have easy access to see my friends whenever i want (the same, though to a less grand extent, can be said of my sophomore year experience where i didnt have my car on campus).

well then, bye state. it was 11 fun years in VA and 11.5 fun years here. time to see what else is out there for me.

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Subject:ed's quickie movie corner
Time:4:31 pm.
the simpsons movie (rewatch): 3.5/4

superbad (first viewing): 3/4

superbad (second viewing): 3.5/4

godzilla final wars: 2.5/4

the isle: 3/4

kiss kiss bang bang: 3/4

ratatouille: 3.5/4

300: 3/4

the hills have eyes 2 (2007): 1.5/4

shanghai noon: 3/4

the parent trap 2 (1986): 1.5/4

jason goes to hell (man i've seen this movie a ton of times): 2.5/4

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Monday, August 13th, 2007

Subject:ed's silly little guessing game
Time:4:30 pm.
with the fall coming up, it's time for gamers across the world to go nuts! i may not get as excited as i did when i was younger for such an event, but i still take stock of this time of the year. so, im using this post to predict how good the big fall titles will end up being (with a sort of gamerankings average score sort of deal).

1. madden 08 - 83% - ever since taking full control of the nfl license, ea has been a little lazy about giving the madden series a real push. arrive just 9 months after madden 07 for the wii, expect a solid but familiar experience.

2. metroid 3 - 93% - the first game to push the wii's abilities from all fronts. the lack of multiplayer bites but the core game sounds great. however, not everyone seems to be buying into the fps controls at the moment.

3. tiger woods 08 - 76% - coming just five 5 months after tiger woods 07 for the wii, expect some polish but very litte new.

4. dewy's adventure - 72% - new game from the guys who made elebits. seems cute but a little to limited to draw much attention.

5. dk barrel blast - 74% - if anyone else made this game, i'd say it was going to be crap. the big n will make it decent but im sure with little lasting power.

6. tony hawk's proving ground - 82% - another tony hawk game...... at least it's not the gimmicky crap that launched for the wii.

7. zack and wiki - 87% - ign has been pushing this game non stop. i dont think it will be the end all be all (it is point and click after all) but i must say im excited.

8. battalion wars 2 -84% - the origanal made a small splash and the sequel was quickly announced. up to till point, the big n has been good to this series, let's hope it continues.

9. endless ocean - 80% - to be honest, i dont know much about this game, and what i do know doesnt excite me. however, it does look good and the big n is behind the wheel....

10. guitar hero III - 91% - expect what you're used to, a great, long lasting, addictive game.

11. geometry wars - 78% - a fun little puzzler that looks to be plenty engrossing.

12. cruis'n - 63% - i love this series but have little hope for this game that has yet to release any footage or screens.

13. mario galaxy - 94% - the hype is huge and it may just be one of the sexiest looking games of the year.

14. nights - 65% - looks bland and sega just cant be relied on to make a good game.

15. nitrobike - 77% - exciting, though mostly limited title from the folks being excitbike.

16. raving rabbids 2 - 81% - fewer mini games but a stronger focus on fun muliplayer action.

17. resident evil: umbrella cronicles - 68% - it looks great but RE games have never worked in the light gun realm. expect a short, disapointing game.

18. soulcalibar legends - 73% - a classic fighter in the form of a been there dont that action game.

19. trauma center: new blood - 82% - a lot looks to be added to the foundation of this already strong series.

20. sonic and mario at the olympic games - 68% - much like with nights, i think this game has too much working against it for it to be good.

21. super smash bros brawl - 90% - the lack of hands on coverage is weak but i have faith everything will turn out just fine for this nintendo front runner.

there are more games, but i think listing 21 is good for now/fin
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